Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Week 28

Let's look at some examples I've seen here that illustrate just how idiotic our government really is. One guy, who was on probation for a DUI, was here for pushing his wife during an argument at home. The neighbors called due to the yelling. As a result, the guy spent 60 days in jail and was ordered to do anger management classes, once/week for 1 year ($30/class) and community service once/week for 3 months ($30/time). While he was gone, in jail, his wife and 2 kids had to go on welfare, his car was repossessed and of course, he lost his job. From one stupid/human incident the government housed, fed, and paid cops to babysit a guy, picked up another family on welfare to support, and I guarantee, he'll be back for not making and/or affording the classes & community service cuz he was too busy getting a new job, working, trying to get his car back and trying to get his family off welfare. LMAO! They went from a regular family guy trying to live and PAYING taxes to collecting NO TAXES, and in fact, supporting him and his entire family! LMAO! What a great result! No wonder our country is in debt! And don't act like it isn't YOUR problem! You are paying for thousands of families in similar positions and YOU are also suffering while our country gets out of debt!

Check this out, did you know that if someone is facing the death penalty, they get FOUR attorneys, gov. paid to defend them!? No, not public defends! PAID PRIVATE lawyers! One of the guys here appealed his case and one of his attorneys was Marcia Clark! Yeah, from O.J. Simpson! Wow! How much money would the gov. save if they stopped seeking the death penalty!? A fucking LOT! What's the difference anyway!? By the time they get executed, 15+ yrs. have passed, they're old and have racked up hundreds of thousands on attorney fees, appeal after appeal, and all on the gov.'s dime! What, 5 life sentences isn't enough? It's a death sentences, 5 times! LOL! Who the fuck came up with "3 life sentences" or "155 years" as sentences anyway? Retards!

Anyway, a lot of you have been writing ot me asking what happened to my post? Well each week I send them to my boy and he posts them for me... long story short, he didn't post them for a while but he's fixing that. So I'll apologize for the time without and the playing "catch up" while you read a bunch of old shit all at once.

So yesterday I was playing Chess with one of the "south siders" here (Mexican gangster) and one time, when I was terrorizing him at the game, he touched his rook to move it and then changed his mind. I said, "Touch move bitch!" We are always talking lil' shit to one another, I thought we were cool like that... Anyway, we finish our game and like 2 hours later, the "white rep" (who's really only the "rep" cuz I let him be it because I can care less about all the jail politics in here) tells me that I can't be calling people "punks or bitches." I guess those 2 words hurt gangster's feelings... lol. I told him, "first of all, don't tell me what to do ever again in your life." He said he's just trying to prevent a riot and I laughed and said I'd talk to the "south sider." Turned out he really was all upset about it! WTF!? During our game he was calling me "Baby Sugar" and all types of shit. Just FYI, "Sugar" was this fat, lame White guy we kicked out a week ago. Anyway, I told him that I thought we were cool and he should know that I was only joking. But I guess "bitch and punk" are no-nos for gangsters... lol. I told him if he wants to go in the cell and handle it, let's do it, but don't whisper behind my back about riots and b.s. Otherwise, I just won't play games with the cry babies anymore to avoid hurting people's feelings... LOL!

I swear man, I never met so many fake tough guys until I came to jail. He's so upset about it that he'll talk about rioting behind my back but won't step into the cell. I even told him to bring a homie or 2 with him. It doesn't matter, the cells are so small fighting 2 is the same as 6, they can't all reach you. I have yet to see anyone take any type of action unless they know for certain they'll win. Nevermind that I'm a pro-fighter, even when I'm not involved, I've yet to see anyone step up, against the odds. But, "it's different in prison" LMAO! Yeah, right! There are the same people! All of them have done prison time. Only difference is that in prison there are more of them and they have knives to stab you in the back with! Bunch of scarey ass bullies in here.

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